King Faro – Auto Love (Music Video)


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Native to the east coast, specifically New Jersey, King Faro grasps the attention of listeners through catchy melodies and endless stories of relatable situations. His persona finds him experimenting with both Hip Hop and R&B, making what sounds like a nostalgic blend of the two. The epitome of what ULTRACULTURE is all about, King Faro gives us a lot to look forward to.  Check out Auto Love and let us know what you think.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!!

Tru Fam – SUPER PARANOID (New Music)


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I think we all been SUPER PARANOID at one point or another in life but I guess it just comes with over thinking things right?  Tru Fam capture the feeling that a lot of people go through whether its admited it or not.  Check out SUPER PARANOID and let us know what you think.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!