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L.A. Pride is a true sports enthusiast.  A former youth, and division II assistant basketball coach, who studied the martial arts, he enjoys and follows all sports, even hockey.  His quick wit and insight brings a fresh view to the world of sports. You may not always agree with him, but you will enjoy his highly opinionated thoughts.

Is it me …

Or did the maintenance crew at the Staples Center need a program to know which floor to set up?  Three teams played six games in 80 hours at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this past week.  The Lakers, Clippers and Kings were all involved in playoff games.  At  one point during the Thunder –Lakers basketball game, the floor was so slippery, from having the ice  (Kings) underneath it, that players were slipping and sliding.  Not very safe, but they made money and Los Angeles got its sports’ fix.   The city of L.A. was 0-4 over the weekend and 2-0 before Saturday.

Is it me…

Or does I’ll Have Another have a legitimate shot at the triple crown?  The Triple Crown quest brought some tantalizingly close calls since Affirmed turned back Alydar in the Derby, Preakness and Belmont 34 years ago – the longest drought between Triple Crown champions.

The Belmont, the final hurdle, of the triple crown is the race that usually prevents a horse from getting the crown, because of the length of the race, a mile and one half.

Regardless, he’s worth a $2 bet to win.

Is it me…

Or did Jon Jones, MMA light heavy weight champion, get confused when he was ask to bend the elbow? UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Saturday morning in upstate. According to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, Jones was arrested at 5:02 a.m. after suffering “minor injuries” following a one-car accident where his car struck a pole. Sheriff’s office officials refused to comment on whether there were any passengers in the car with Jones at the time of the accident.

Is it me…

Or  are the Golden State Warriors demonstrating a desire to upgrade their franchise?

The Golden State Warriors, NBA,  will move from Oakland to San Francisco, according to online reports. Joe Lacob, the team’s owner, has been clear with his desire to move the team.

The Warriors currently play in Oracle Arena, the oldest arena in the NBA. The team plans for the arena to be privately funded, opening prior to the 2017-18 season.

Typically, teams hold cities hostage with a threat move and get the city to help finance  a new arena.  The Warriors are committed to moving just across the bridge and expect to be competitive in the free agent market.  Several free agents were interested in the Warriors, but were turned off by the facilities in Oakland.  Now their only excuse will  be the sorry play of the Warriors.

Is it me…

Or is Dwight Howard smiling right now?  Stan Van Gundy was fired as the Orlando Magic coach after five years.  Stan a constant complainer never missed the playoffs with the Magic (General Manager Smith was also let go) and is considered a good coach.  However his style and personality were considered counter-productive and rubbed many of the players, i.e., Dwight Howard, the wrong way.

Is it me…

Or do we want to look at the NBA playoffs?

Western Conference

L.A. Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs

Clippers are swept in four games, as San Antonio continues to dominate, with “old” players.  Popovich deserved the Coach of the Years award .  It is nice to see the writers get it right and award the trophy to the right person.  Who remembers the last time the Spurs lost?

L.A. Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Lakers were eliminated Monday night by the Thunder, four games to one.  Sorry Kobe you’re not catching Michael this year.  (In fairness to Kobe, he went down fighting, scoring 42 points in defeat.)

Eight people were injured by gunfire in Oklahoma City after the game.  These ‘fans’ have been watching too many soccer games.

Bon Voyage to the Staples Center as both L.A. teams have been eliminated.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76’ers vs. Boston Celtics

Boston leads the series three games to two, after a convincing win Monday night over the 76’ers.  It is age and experience (Boston) versus youth and speed (Philly) with the old guys doing okay.

Indianapolis Pacers vs. Miami Heat 

Miami Leads the series 3-2.  LeBron James has been fantastic during the playoffs and has single handedly carried the Heat in this series.  His play during game four was near perfect and he put on a clinic.

The NBA Playoff picture; Follow this link to the match-ups:


Is it me…

 Or is the world safe again, because Peyton Manning threw the football at Denver’s mini-camp?  I don’t think so!  Let’s see how Peyton holds up and looks during a live drill with defense.

Why do they call these mini-camps voluntary, when you’re expected to be there if under contract?

NFL teams continue to adjust and shape their rosters;

A list of current NFL transactions can be found at:


Is it me…

Or did Lawrence Taylor’ son have a profitable weekend?   Lawrence Taylor, the retired linebacker for the N.Y. Giants gave his son one of his Super Bowl rings (XXV) and little Taylor auctioned it off for $230,000 (twice the estimated vale.)   Big Taylor reportedly had no knowledge that the ring was being sold.  His agent informed him of the sale.

Current Giants player Osi Umenyiora, had promised to buy the ring and return it to LT.  Regrettably, that didn’t work out and it was sold to an anonymous person.

Is little Taylor going into the sport’s memorabilia business?  He can start by selling all of his father’s stuff, helmet, pads, cleats, jock, crack pipe, etc., etc.

Is it me…

Or is Floyd Mayweather going to have plenty of commissary?  Floyd, who is scheduled to report to the county jail, June 1, to serve time for a domestic violence charge, made 32 million dollars for his fight against Cotto.  Not a bad payday!

Edited by D. Pride.