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L.A. Pride is a true sports enthusiast.  A former youth, and division II assistant basketball coach, who studied the martial arts, he enjoys and follows all sports, even hockey.  His quick wit and insight brings a fresh view to the world of sports. You may not always agree with him, but you will enjoy his highly opinionated thoughts.

Is it me …

Or is the BCS spelled SEC?  The top three college football teams in the BCS are LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas, all from the Southeastern Conference (SEC).  It is the first time in the fourteen year history of the BCS that three teams from the same conference have been in the top  three spots.  The likelihood of a rematch of a regular season game for the national championship is a real possibility.

 This brings us back to the need for a playoff.  The top eight teams in college football play a tournament with each of the top bowl sites getting a game.  You can still use the BCS to rank the teams, but the best team would have to win it on the field.  It works for college basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Is it me…

 Or did the Chicago Bears catch a bad break?   Jay Cutler, the starting quarterback for the Bears broke his thumb Sunday in the game and may miss the remainder of the season.  He is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair the fracture.  He was injured making a tackle after an interception in the fourth quarter.  The Bears are in a ‘dogfight’ with the Lions , as both teams are 7-3 and chasing the undefeated Packers.  The Lions  get the Packers on Thanksgiving Day, a return to old school scheduling.  (The Packers and the Lions use to play every Thanksgiving; but the Lions would get so hyped and play so hard in the game that Packers backed away from it for several years.)

 It appears that Tom Coughlin, the coach of the New York Giants (who play in New Jersey) knows where to direct his anger after a disappointing loss-at the players.  Unlike Rex Ryan, the coach of the New York Jets (who also play in New Jersey) Coughlin let his players know how disappointed he was in their performance against the Eagles.  Rex on the other hand took his frustrations out on a fan as the Jets were losing to the Patriots.    Rex is now $75,000 lighter in  the pocket because of a fine levied against him by the NFL for this incident..

If the NFL playoffs started today both the Jets and the Giants  would be playing golf.  The Christmas Eve game between the Jets and the Giants may be huge and have playoff ramifications for both teams.  Another great scheduling job by the NFL.

NFL teams continue to adjust and shape their rosters;

A list of current NFL transactions can be found at:


Is it me…

Or has the NBA dropped off the face of the planet?  Does anyone have any idea what’s going on between the players and the owners?  They have reached a point where they are no longer in the news.  More and more players are opting for jobs overseas; owners are cancelling additional games; players are looking to dissolve the union.  Basically it is a mess, with millionaires and billionaires playing Russian roulette with pro basketball in the United States.  They are going to lose their fan base, and will have a difficult time recapturing it.

Note to NBA Players who are playing overseas: J. R. Smith injured his knee during his first game in China.  The extent of the injury was not known at press time.  Smith refused treatment from the team and sort outside medical assistance.  This did not go over well with the local team.  Good to see that J.R. is a knucklehead on any continent.

With the rewards of playing overseas comes the risk.  How will this affect his NBA contract and status, assuming we eventually get an NBA?

Is it me…

Or did Tiger Woods justify his selection as a member of  the United States team playing in the President’s Cup tournament?  It was only fitting that Tiger Woods clinched the cup for the U.S. Captain Fred Couples was criticized for selecting Woods, who had been out with an injury most of the summer and had not won a tournament since his personal life crumbled two years ago. Woods played well all week, even if he didn’t always get rewarded with a point. In his singles match against Aaron Baddeley, he was never seriously challenged.

 Could the “old” Tiger be ready to reappear on the tournament circuit?

Is it me…

Or is with great sadness we note the death of Oklahoma States Women’s Basketball Coach, Kurt Budke, and his assistant Miranda Serna?  They died Thursday afternoon when their single-engine plane crashed in rugged terrain in Central Arkansas. Also killed were former Oklahoma State Senator Olin Branstetter, 82, and his wife, Paula Branstetter. Both were pilots.

In 2001, ten people involved with the men’s basketball program at Oklahoma State were killed in a plane crash.  It is the school’s worst nightmare.  The University had implemented a policy requiring all travel by teams in planes be done in aircraft with at least two engines.  However, this policy did not apply to coaches traveling alone, or without athletes.

  Budke, 50, was extremely popular. In his seventh season in Oklahoma State, he had elevated the program, taking the Cowgirls to three NCAA tournament appearances, including a Sweet 16. Serna, 36, had been on his staff for seven years.

Edited by D. Pride.