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L.A. Pride is a true sports enthusiast.  A former youth, and division II assistant basketball coach, who studied the martial arts, he enjoys and follows all sports, even hockey.  His quick wit and insight brings a fresh view to the world of sports. You may not always agree with him, but you will enjoy his highly opinionated thoughts.

Is it me…

Or is there REALLY concern in Indianapolis over Peyton Manning’s health? Manning the four-time MVP had additional surgery on his neck and is out for several months or the season, depending upon what you read.  The Colts responded Sunday by losing 34 to 7 to Houston.  So much for the Colt’s “next man up” attitude- how about just showing up.

Tony Romo is the best 55 minute quarterback in the NFL.  Unfortunately for the Cowboys,  the game is 60 minutes.  Romo’s performance against the Jets sums up his career; he was brilliant for the first 55 minutes and horrible the last five of the game.  The Jets should have given the game ball to Romo, it was his poor play that allowed the Jets to score their final 10 points (he fumbled on the one yard line and threw an interception to Revis, ( why would he even go to Revis’ side of the field is beyond  me).  Go Jets!

Cam Newton had a great game, in a losing effort for the Panthers.  He passed for over 400 yards and looked like an NFL quarterback.  I guess he was worth all that money Auburn paid.

It’s early but this is going to be some football season!  Can I get a do-over on my NFL picks?

NFL teams continue to adjust and shape their rosters;

A list of current NFL transactions can be found at:


Is it me …

Or does Serena Williams have a running feud with the U.S. Open officials?   Once again Serena got in a dispute with an official at U.S. Open over a point being awarded to Serena’s opponent.  (She was fined $2, 000 for her outburst, but earned $1,400,000 at the tournament.  She could have said more and still would have had nice pay day.  The tennis people were afraid to piss off Serena with a large fine, so they slapped her wrist.) Serena, who lost the championship match in straight sets was impressive making the  finals, but the rescheduling of matches due to the hurricane, was too much for her to overcome.  Having missed several months of competitive tennis, because of injuries, probably caused her to be more fatigued than usual given, the quick turnaround between matches .  All in all  a good job by Serena!



Is it me…

Or is the NBA lockout on the backburners?  There has been very little said recently regarding the NBA labor dispute.  Are people tired of millionaires and billionaires fighting over “nickels” or is something “coloring” the coverage?  Hmmmmmm! 

 That said, important negotiations begin Tuesday when full bargaining committees return to the table.  This could move owners and players closer to a deal or possibly further apart as more voices are heard.  With training camps schedule to open October 3, a setback now would probably kill the preseason. 

The NBA had a great run last year and caused quite a stir, it would be shame not to ride that momentum into the new season.

 Is it me…

Or is there reason for concern with the Red Sox?  As of last night they were 4 games behind the Yankees and  were up three games on Tampa for the wild card.  Baseball is a funny sport, a sure thing in July, can look a little shaky in September.  Boston has picked a bad time to start a slide.  Bad pitching and no offense, coupled with injuries have hurt the Sox.  However, as we know, they have owned the Yankees this year and look forward to the opportunity to play them and turn things around.  A great  rivalry!


Is it me …

Or is the Bears –Packers rivalry one of the most underrated rivalries in all of sports?

Started in 1921, with the bears maintaining a slight series lead.  The Bears-Packers rivalry is something that isn’t talked about too much recently. This rivalry features the NFL’s two best franchises that have won a combined 22 NFL Championships/Super Bowls. This rivalry started with the formation of the NFL and has usually been played twice a year ever since.

The matchup between these two teams is huge in the state of Wisconsin and Illinois. For Bears fan, there are two things they think every year: Winning the Super Bowl and beating the Packers. This rivalry has torn apart the states of Illinois and Wisconsin and is always a fun game to watch. Even though Packers have been known to beat down on the Bears, the Bears still lead the overall series. No other series in the NFL has featured greats like Walter Payton, Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Dick Butkus, Reggie White, and Mike Singletary playing on the same fields.

Both teams had impressive week one victories.

Edited by  D. Pride.