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L.A. Pride is a true sports enthusiast.  A former youth, and division II assistant basketball coach, who studied the martial arts, he enjoys and follows all sports, even hockey.  His quick wit and insight brings a fresh view to the world of sports. You may not always agree with him, but you will enjoy his highly opinionated thoughts

Is it me…

Or is the NFL looking more and more ridiculous each day?   The millionaires  (players) were able to get a judge to squash the lockout and open up the facilities.  The billionaires (owners) file to get that ruling overturned,  and  they  are successful.  The NFL facilities are closed again!  Meanwhile, the NFL draft has taken place, (Congrats to Cam Newton, the number one overall pick.) and the draftees can’t report or talk to their new team. You can’t make this up.  They are arguing over how to share $9, 000,000,000.  All they need to do is godown to the nearest unemployment office and ask anyone who is filing for benefits how to share it.

Is it me…

Or does Cam Newton have a pair on him?  Apparently Newton wants to wear his college number (2) in the pros.   Small problem, someone already wears #2 on the Panthers.   Rookies are assigned available numbers, by position , and #2 is taken, end of story.  Unless, he makes a deal and offers to “buy ” the number from its owner, Jimmie Clausen, the current starting quarterback. (Ricky Henderson,  former major league baseball player would only wear #24.  When he went to a new team and that number was unavailable, he would buy the number for cash or clothing.)  Clausen may lose his job and his number.  Talk about having a bad year.

 Is it me…

Or is the NBA in high gear now?   The first round of the playoffs is complete and the pretenders have fallen by the wayside and the contenders have moved on.  We are left with Dallas versus L.A. (Lakers , not me)and  Memphis versus Oklahoma City,  in  the west; and Boston versus Miami, and Atlanta versus Chicago.

 Memphis, an 8th seed,  upset top seeded  San Antonio, and continued in upset mode Sunday by defeating Oklahoma City in game one of their series.  Are they not reading the name  on the jersey,  It reads “GRIZZLES”.  They had never won a playoff series before,  and now they are marching through the opposition like crazy.  Please note that Rudy Gay, thought to be their best player, is not playing, due to a dislocated shoulder.   Elvis is sitting up in his grave.

Miami, which lost three out of four to Boston during the regular season, handled Boston pretty easily Sunday.  Wade and James looked aggressive and played well, as did Miami’s supporting cast.   (Doc Rivers, the Coach of the Celtics, paid Wade a left-handed compliment ,  by stating that Wade is a smart player,  and the second best player to come out of Marquette University.  Hmm, now what school  did Doc attend?)  The age old question of rust versus rest comes to mind with Boston.  Was it to their advantage sweeping the Knicks?  Yes, they are an older team, and the rest helps, but not playing for so many days throws your game off a bit.  I am confident the Celtics will play better in game 2.  Paul Pierce, managed to pick up two technical fouls and got himself ejected.  (Pierce you have to be smarter than that, you can’t help your team from the locker room.)    Is Shaq still in the league?

Atlanta went into Chicago and thumped the Bulls.  MVP winner, Rose, twisted his ankle and limped off the court at the end of the game.   Kobe missed a game winning shot, and the Lakers fell to the Mavericks.    It is ironic that Boston was the only road team to lose.  If you had been asked to pick the one road team with a chance at winning, it would have been Boston.   I guess that is why we play the games.  (We go to press too early for last night’s results.)

Congratulations to Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls, for winning the NBA coach of the year award.  Coaching is a strange occupation, having coached I can say with some confidence, that your input is overrated.   Practice is when you have control, of the team, assuming  it is not Iverson and they show up.  But in game situations the players do what they want and look at you as if you had two heads when giving instructions.  The better your players, the better you coach, right Phil (Jackson).

 Is it me…

Or are we ignoring Baseball?  YES!   It’s too early to worry about baseball.  They play 162 games, a marathon of a season.  It’s so early in Baseball that Cleveland is winning.

Is it me …

Or are they still playing Hockey?  The NHL has a problem…there’s no buzz about them.  They are in  the middle of  their playoffs and you can’t find the games anywhere.  Sure they show two games over the  weekend;  two games are nothing if you’re a fan.   Get a real TV deal and show your product.  Hockey requires a lot of skill, try beating the daylights out of someone while standing on two blades on ice.

Is it me…

Or does Boxing need help?  Very little pre-fight publicity for Mosely versus Pacquiao, as the fight approaches.  This is a great matchup between two very talented fighters and nothing  is out there.  Boxing has managed to shoot itself in the foot, too many bogus weight divisions and titles (the super light junior pee wee weight, – WAC,BBD, BS Champion).

My prediction for the fight is Mosley, TKO ninth round or later.

Edited by D. Pride