Willy Gonza – Around We Go (Music Video)


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We all go through things in life and when you think like your alone, there are always someone that can relate. Willy Gonza gives his all on his track Around We Go which came out pretty DOPE.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!

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Marcus Troy – The Rough Gems (EP)


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I had the honor of seeing Marcus Troy perform live a few times and each time I am blown away by his stage presence, lyrical ability and overall talent.  Its always good to see someone doing good but it’s even better when they are from your state.  With a clothing line and music which are both on the rise, we can’t wait what to see what the future holds for Marcus Troy.

Check out Ordinary and his EP The Rough Gems and let us know what you think.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!

J. Lye x Justin Bieber – All That Matters (Remix)


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Sometimes, with a track is really DOPE, you just have to remix it and thats what J.Lye did to Justin Bieber‘s All That Matters track.  Check it out as Cambridge Massachusetts finest as he goes in on this really nice remix. Let us know what you think and support this talented upcoming artist.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!

Download: http://www.sharebeast.com/ol2lp3nrjymq


Hollow on Beating Joe Budden


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Hollow Da Don spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the judging and fan reactions at his recent Total Slaughter battle with Joe Budden, in this exclusive clip with VladTV.

While Hollow got the victory, he explained that this “wasn’t the win I wanted,” because he feels like he didn’t perform to the best of his ability. Hollow apologized for posting on Twitter that he thought the judging was going to be rigged, but explained that he heard it from a credible source and was just speaking his mind on the matter before the battle.

He also addressed the high amounts of fan reactions Joe got from certain bars that may not have warranted a roaring response, and how he expected that to happen. Hollow went on to share the backstory of how he got his pay reduced by Shady Records, and how he feels they gave him an ultimatum to either accept the lower pay or not battle Joe Budden at all.


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