Memphis Bleek on Jay Z Giving Him a Deal with D’usse


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Memphis Bleek sat down with Mikey T, The Movie Star to discuss how he got involved with D’usse Cognac. To no surprise, his lengthy relationship with Jay Z set the wheels in motion when Bleek shared with his friend that he was ready for a new challenge outside of music. He spoke of Jay challenging him with this responsibility and how he ran with the opportunity.

He also compares D’usse to Ace of Spades champagne, giving it its just due, but reminding us that while Ace of Spades is for a select few, D’usse is for everybody.

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Mack Wilds feat. French Montana, Mobb Deep X Busta Rhymes – Henny (Remix Music Video)


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Mack Wilds reaches out to French Montana, Mobb Deep and Busta Rhymes for the remix to Henny.  Since Own It was so big, is Henny remix a nice follow up track?  Let us know.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!

Sage the Gemini On VladTV



Sage the Gemini chopped it up with VladTV about being a young father, his relationship with his daughter’s mother, and her initial reaction to his neck tattoo.

Sage shared that his high school sweetheart was brought to tears when she first saw his large dragon neck tattoo, concerned that he’d never be able to get a “real job.” He assured her he could cover it with a collar if he needed to, but luckily now that he’s rich, it’s not a problem.

The Bay area rapper also shared that he became a father at 18 years old, but he and his girlfriend decided to split up soon after the baby was born. However, he admires his ex and states she’s a very intelligent woman who’s a great mother.

He says it’s very hard being away from his daughter and he even has dreams about her while on the road, and knew he’d be able to provide for her whether or not he made it in the rap game.

Jhené Aiko – Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) X Festival Interview 2014


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So Jhené Aiko held her own at Coachella huh?  That is surprise to us.  Check out her Comfort Inn Ending freestyle and interview as she talks Sail Out, being compared to Frank Ocean and much more.  #ItsHeyNow!!!

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Quote Of The Day



Them hard streets make a militant man
F_ck a b_tch, be as real as you can
Our education, they tend to say we killers again
But I’d rather give this living a chance, I’m getting patience
I wonder if the world is gon’ see us, it’s just niggas
They treat lyrics like I hold triggers like I make difference
Then downplay, what I’m given like I’m no different

Isaiah Rashad


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