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L.A. Pride is a true sports enthusiast. A former youth, and division II assistant basketball coach, who studied the martial arts, he enjoys and follows all sports, even hockey. His quick wit and insight brings a fresh view to the world of sports. You may not always agree with him, but you will enjoy his highly opinionated thoughts.

Is it me…

Or did the Cowboys take a big risk with their future last night? Tony Romo, quarterback, Dallas Cowboys, has a history of back trouble, so when he went out of Monday’s game against the R——s, with an apparent injury to his back, it didn’t look good.  But Romo pulled a Willis Reed and returned to action. But unlike Reed, Romo was unable to lead his team to victory.

I like the Cowboys, but that was a bit much!!!!!!! No one game or season is worth a serious injury. There is no way Romo should have been allowed back into the game, given the poor protection the offensive line provided. Shame on you Dallas, no GAME is that important.

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NFL teams continue to adjust and shape their rosters;

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Is it me…

Or should the NBA champions have a separate celebration to receive their championship rings? Continue reading

Hazel-E Responds To Yung Berg Sh*t Talking (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap)


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Hazel-E is my girl!  She’s always been mad cool and still the same since we first interviewed her.  Check as she speaks her mind about Yung Berg, music and much more.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!


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