Majid Jordan – A Place Like This (King Faro Mix)



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OVO’s very own Majid Jordan released his single A Place Like This earlier this month. King Faro, a producer out of New Jersey made it his business to add his own touch to the track. He gives the song more of a house music feel with fluid pop melodies and heart throbbing kicks. If you haven’t heard the original, listen to it first so you can truly appreciate this makeover. Check it out.  #ItsHeyNow!!!!

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Migos Detail Miami Shooting X Chief Keef Drama


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Migos sat down with Jenny Boom Boom and opened up about their background and how their family feels about their rap career, revealing that they are supportive of the music, but shocked about their past.

Jenny then brings up an incident where they were shot at on a Miami highway and also questions whether they were instigating situations while in Chicago. The group insists that they were just letting fans know they were in the city, and weren’t trying to cause any trouble. While on the topic, when asked about most artists being afraid of Chief Keef, the group says they aren’t like most artists.

On the flip side, they spoke about teaming up with Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who they call their “partner.” They end the conversation by insisting they never had beef with Durk.

“Til I’m Alive” (Short Film)


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A local bad-ass joins a mischievous vampire to commit a series of crimes. Their undeniable lust leads him down a road he will never forget, but may regret. Starring Delano Morgan & Keyla Arce. Directed By Jaison Blackrose.

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